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  • (주)엠티콜렉션

    • 업종 섬유·의류·패션

      주요사업 피혁제품,패션잡화(가죽핸드백,구두) 도..

      설립 1997년

      대표자 양지해

    • 위치 서울 강남구

      매출액 1,100억 6,302만원

  • Websense Overseas Limited

    • 업종 정보보안·백신

      주요사업 전사적 데이터 유출 방지 솔루션

      대표자 Gene Hodges

    • 위치 서울 강남구

      매출액 4,000억원

    • Websense, Inc. (NASDAQ: WBSN), a global leader in unified Web, data, and email content security, delivers the best security for modern threats at the lowest total cost of ownership to tens of thousands of enterprise, mid-market, and small organizations around the world. Distributed through a global network of channel partners and delivered as software, appliances, and Security-as-a-Service (SaaS), Websense unified content security helps organizations take advantage of powerful new communication, collaboration, and Web 2.0 business tools while protecting from advanced persistent threats, preventing the loss of confidential information, and enforcing Internet use and security policies. Websense is headquartered in San Diego, Calif., with offices around the world.
  • 인지어스 유한회사

    • 업종 연구소·컨설팅·조사

      주요사업 취업교육/인력 공급,알선

      설립 2008년

      대표자 잭소이어

    • 위치 서울 강남구

      매출액 201억 8,895만원

  • ㈜다이아벨

    • 업종 전기·전자

      주요사업 전자부품,휴대폰부품,주형,금형 제조,도..

      설립 1995년

      대표자 김삼종

    • 위치 경기 안양시

      매출액 260억 8,777만원

  • 한국하니웰㈜

    • 업종 기타제조업

      주요사업 산업제어기기,빌딩제어시스템기기,공장제..

      설립 1984년

      대표자 박성호

    • 위치 서울 용산구

      매출액 2,886억 7,543만원

    • ■ 홈페이지(http://www.honeywell.com) 참조
  • (주)윈컴솔루션스

    • 업종 쇼핑몰·오픈마켓

      주요사업 솔루션 컨설팅,시스템어플리케이션테스트..

      설립 2006년

      대표자 이행일

    • 위치 서울 영등포구

      매출액 223억 7,246만원

  • (주)대원에이이

    • 업종 기계·설비·자동차

      주요사업 공항특장차(푸드트럭,벨트로더,스텝) 제..

      설립 2008년

      대표자 박우영

    • 위치 경기 김포시

      매출액 61억 5,074만원

  • ㈜쥬모코리아

    • 업종 전기·전자·제어

      주요사업 자동제어계측기(분석기기,압력기기) 도소매

      설립 1998년

      대표자 유태완

    • 위치 경기 안양시

      매출액 18억 2,815만원

    • Expect more. - 당신의 성공을 위한 혁신적인 독일 기술의 우수성Innovative cutting-edge performance for your success.JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. Our innovative product range includes the entire measuring chain from sensors to automation solutions for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow rate, filling level and humidity.JUMO always aims to provide our customers with the optimal solution for process reliability, energy efficiency and cost optimization.JUMO. More than sensors + automation.
  • Karmel Technology

    • 업종 전기·전자·제어

      주요사업 중개무역(반도체,전자제품)/소프트웨어 ..

      설립 2003년

      대표자 김혜신

    • 위치 경기 성남시

      매출액 6억 280만원

    • 저희 Karmel Tech 은 미국 얼바인에 본사가 위치하고 있으며 성남시 복정동에 한국 지사가 위치하고 있습니다.Karmel Technologies, Inc. , headquartered in Irvine, CA, USA, a premier technical sales & marketing firm specializing in Mobile Phone, CATV, and Military sectors in Korea. Karmel represents world renowned industry standard leaders including Memsic, Newport Media Inc, AuthenTec, Microsemi, Teledyne, Dover CMP Group, Its 3 divisions, Mobile, CATV, and Military Divisions work directly with Korea’s top customers including Samsung (Mobile, PC, CATV) LG (Mobile, PC, CATV) , Pantech (Mobile) , Humax (CATV), Samsung Thales (Military) , & LIG Nex1 (Military).
  • (주)웰스

    • 업종 유통·무역·상사

      주요사업 무역/전자부품,컴퓨터관련부품 도매

      설립 1999년

      대표자 이기호

    • 위치 경기 화성시

      매출액 27억 6,262만원

    • (주)웰스는 수출입 업무의 무역회사로서, 성실과 신용 그리고 책임지는 마케팅을 통해 수출입업체로서의 건실한 자리 매김을 해왔으며, 이제 자타가 인정할 정도의 확고한 기반과 인맥을 다졌습니다. 제조업체의 가장 귀한 생명력은 품질, 가격 그리고 납기 입니다. 이제 시장개척 및 까다로운 수출입은, 전문가와 수출업무의 다양한 경험자들이 포진하고 있는 저희에게 맡기십시오.[ 회사위치 ]
  • ㈜다우모드

    • 업종 섬유·의류

      주요사업 기계자수,특수직물 제조/실크직물 도매,..

      설립 1993년

      대표자 안병기

    • 위치 서울 강남구

      매출액 39억 5,938만원

    • We are pleased to have an opportunity to introduce our company.We are one of the most leading company in the field of embroidery and fabric in Korea. Since our establishment of 1994, DHAWOO MODE has received domestic and international fame in textile products exporting all kinds of embroideries. DHAWOO MODE has exported high quality products to Europe, America, Middle East, Africa and Asia. Our total sales amount was over 10 million US dollars last year. Our company also has strict quality control system and has been making much effort to develop state of art item to positively respond our customers demand. We will do our utmost toward the values of Creative products, Best quality & Competitive prices which will surely make a contribution to the advanced texture level and new fashion culture for the future. Could you give us an opportunity to help you a queen of fashion palace? We always welcome. Thank you for your attention.
  • CPS

    • 업종 기타제조업

      주요사업 전기재료연결부품(전선보호용 케이블체인..

      설립 2000년

      대표자 김기환

    • 위치 부산 동래구

      매출액 158억 3,160만원

    • At CPS we are innovating, not to compete, but to change the rules of the game. We stand behind our product line and the endless hours spent improving it. We continue to search for ways to improve, focusing our efforts on answering to the individual needs of our customers rather than finding quick ways to make a buck with no thought of the inevitability of future maintenance problems. Our Sabin Chain doesn’t just look good; it functions far beyond the limits of its competitors. Eliminating the need for constant maintenance, taking nothing away from customer\'s product design and adding to their bottom line. “Flexibility” as a motto of the CPS organization, has filtered through into the design of Sabin Chain®, Robo-Kit® and CPSFLEX® conduit and it is our pleasure to introduce these and other offerings to markets worldwide at a flexible and affordable price.
  • 로이드선급협회아시아서울지점

    • 업종 조선·항공·우주

      주요사업 선박,해상구축물 검사,철도,산업관련리스..

      설립 2003년

      대표자 이수영

    • 위치 부산 부산진구

      매출액 178억 9,448만원

    • The Lloyds Register Group is an organisation that works to enhance safety and to approve assets and systems at sea, on land and in the air. We check that assets and systems work so that people and communities around the world can get on with everyday life. We are driven by a strong sense that what we are doing matters.To make this happen, we set, uphold and apply high technical standards of design, manufacture, construction, maintenance, operation and performance across many sectors to the benefit of many businesses.
  • (주)공연마루

    • 업종 공연·예술·문화

      주요사업 공연기획(콘서트,뮤지컬)

      설립 2005년

      대표자 황인근

    • 위치 광주 북구

      매출액 171억 4,402만원

  • 아레이몬드 유한회사

    • 업종 기계·설비·자동차

      주요사업 상품 종합 도매

      설립 2006년

      대표자 김종세

    • 위치 경기 화성시

      매출액 260억원

    • Sustainability, innovation, exchange« Our mission is to create value »A family business geared towards the futureCreated in 1865, the ARaymond Network* has, for several generations, developed manufactured and marketed fastening and assembly solutions. Its status as a family business allows each descendant to consider its long-term development, outside of the financial requirements imposed by investors.The concepts of continuity and independence of the family business are part of ARaymond Network key values.One of the leaders in the automotive market, the ARaymond Network has gradually transferred its expertise and skills to new markets: TRUCK, INDUSTRIAL, ENERGIES, AGRICULTURE, and LIFE.Innovation is in our company's DNASince its inception, the ARaymond Network has known how to be inventive by creating the press-stud, a small assembly now used worldwide.A core value of the Network, innovation has always been encouraged and developed within teams. More than an exclusively product-focused approach; it is now deployed at all levels of the Network: manufacturing processes, customer services, management methods, etc.A Network of "teams that work together"The attention paid to the men and women who comprise the ARaymond Network is reflected in its philosophy and its organisation. The Network has developed a cooperative structure. The goal is to enable the skills, ideas and expertise to be shared, through a flexible, cross-functional and adaptable structure according to needs. By encouraging initiative the ARaymond Network allows everyone to have the role of "cooperative entrepreneur". These exchanges, between countries or from one activity to another, are creators of wealth on a personal level, and value added to the Network customers.« The Network mission is to create value that contributes to: cut customers' costs, improve quality, participate in efforts to preserve the environment, enable people to reach their potential within the Network, to develop a more 'human', freer way of working. Our mission really is to create value and meaning »Antoine Raymond - VIsionInnovate to build the futureExpertise that can be transferred to different markets « The ARaymond Network creates optimised products, using the specific advantages of metal, plastic and the combination of the two »The Network* main expertise consists of proposing solutions for fastening and assembly, in order to improve performance and make savings.This expertise, globally recognised by the automotive industry has been transferred in a strategic way to other markets and now covers:◾AUTOMOTIVE◾TRUCK◾INDUSTRIAL◾ENERGIES◾AGRICULTURE◾LIFEHigh-growth markets represent new opportunities for the ARaymond Network. The long-term objective is to achieve the same position and good reputation as in the automotive sector.Research, an engine for the futureTo ensure expertise and optimal performance over the years the Research and Development poles have tended to evolve towards increased specialisation, either by market or by technology.To counter-balance this growing specialisation and to prevent any partitioning of innovations, strong connections and exchange tools have been developed. Their main objectives are the sharing of ideas and transferring skills between the different poles.A quality approach is the main concernBesides mandatory certifications and technical or environmental labels, the ARaymond Network focuses on an essential goal: recognition and satisfaction of its customers.In this regard, prestigious awards regularly praise the high level demanded which guides the Network quality and service approach: PSA Awards, QSB Fiat Award, Delphi Award 2010, Paccar Award 2010...
  • 필엔지니어링

    • 업종 조선·항공·우주

      주요사업 헤드헌팅, 기계장비 및 자재공급, 도소매..

      설립 2008년

      대표자 조영필

    • 위치 경남 거제시

      매출액 100억원

    • PIL Engineering has emerged as Korea's leading engineering company offering a wide range of Manpower, Technical Support both electrical and mechanical work, Material Management and Accomodation in oil & gas industry.In 2008, PIL was established with a relentless commitment to quality and innovation. Early in our career, we mostly worked on electrical works that are cable pulling, termination, loop check and function test and it became our specialty. It was the result of continuous efforts by people of PIL. We will not content with that so we could meet clients needs not only electrical but mechanical, procurement and accomodation part.
  • Gracenote Korea

    • 업종 솔루션·SI·ERP·CRM

      주요사업 오디오,DVD데이터베이스 서비스,소프트웨..

      설립 2006년

      대표자 제랄드 마이클 노벨리

    • 위치 서울 중구

      매출액 60억 1,714만원

    • (구)CDDB로 유명한 Gracenote는 캘리포니아에 본사를 두고 있으며 음악인식 솔루션의 선두업체로 음악 데이터베이스를 기반으로 한 세계 최고의 음악 솔루션을 보유, 공급하고 있는 음악 기술 전문업체입니다.
  • 그린트레이딩코리아

    • 업종 유통·무역·상사

      설립 2005년

      대표자 최용호

    • 위치 울산 남구

      매출액 50억원

    • GREEN TRADING KOREA Ltd is offering a comprehensive range of surveying and consultancy services and have worked exclusively in the marine industry. We have accumulated a vast amount of professional knowledge in this field. Our staffs have a lot of experience for Newship supervisor, Ship's captain, chief engineer, ship's consultant. We have been involved in projects in nearly every nation engage d in maritime commerce and have been related to the lead marine company in the nation with a good relationship. We ensure that we could satisfy our customers with good quality and competitive price. At the end, we hope that we would like to be your best cooperator all the time
  • 블랙모어스코리아 유한회사

    • 업종 제약·보건·바이오

      주요사업 건강기능식품,화장품 도소매,무역,중개,..

      설립 2011년

      대표자 최현태

    • 위치 서울 영등포구

      매출액 81억 7,231만원

    • 1930년 모리스 블랙모어(1906-1977)라는 한 사람의 열정과 비전으로 시작된 블랙모어스는 80년이 넘는 기간 동안 호주 건강기능식품 업계를 이끌어 왔습니다.영국출신 이민자였던 모리스 블랙모어는 1938년 브리스번에 호주 최초의 건강식품 상점을 열고, 동료들과 함께 호주 최초의 자연요법 대학과 협회를 설립했습니다. 모리스 블랙모어는 허브와 미네랄이 건강을 가져온다는 믿음을 바탕으로 자연요법을 통한 건강관리라는 새로운 시스템을 개발하게 되었습니다.혁신적인 마인드를 가졌던 마커스 블랙모어는 아버지(모리스 블랙모어)의 뒤를 이어 블랙모어스를 성장 시켰을 뿐만 아니라 열정적인 마인드로 업계 선도자가 되었으며 많은 사람들의 삶 속에 자연적 건강관리의 중요성을 각인시켰습니다. 블랙모어스는 설립자 모리스 블랙모어의 자연과 건강에 대한 열정, 최고 품질의 제품, 환경친화적 운영을 바탕으로 고객들이 건강을 관리하고 투자하는데 도움을 주며 더 높은 삶의 질을 누릴 수 있도록 노력하고 있습니다.Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand 조사 7년 연속 가장 신뢰하는 브랜드 1위 2009-2015

    • 업종 네트워크·모바일

      주요사업 GSM LBS, Security Phone 개발 및 제조

      대표자 Iago Belis

    • 위치 서울 서초구

    • Romad is now used by some of the largest Mobile Phone Network Operators, Security Organizations & Facilities Management Companies around the world. Please contact us for references and case studies in your sector.Romad is used globally to protect Lone Workers, enabling employers to comply with the latest Health & Safety Legislation.Not just "a tick in the box product" Romads GPS technology will accurately allow diligent employers to know where their Lone Workers are when they need assistance, ensuring they comply with emerging standards such as BS8484 (Romad also locates by enhanced GSM should it be required).[Telecare]Romad has been chosen by major organizations and charities for a number of Telecare projects. Romad has been chosen for its ease of use and performance.[GPS Personal Tracking]Romad is working with the worlds leading GPS Tracking companies. By integrating with their platforms we have helped a number of GPS vehicle tracking companies move into the rapidly growing GPS personal tracking market.[Lone Worker Protection]For companies wishing to protect their lone workers and comply with emerging standards Romad is now the unit of choice. 4 years of production have resulted in a proven, mature GPS device that you can depend on.

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